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We give complete after sales support for any of your queries.


We believe in Quality. We don’t bargain in product quality.


We understand value of your time and deliver products on time.

Our Packages

The Godly country of Spices!

India is majorly known as the country of spices. The world recognizes India as the land of spices and perhaps that is the reason, most of the countries in the world look up to India for their demand of exotic spices.

Maharashtra is one of the most prosperous states of India because of its rich heritage of spices. From Ayurvedic herbs to taste intensifier masalas,Maharashtra is blessed in abundance. Each of the Innumerable spices has a unique taste, distinctive flavour and captivating aroma.

We are the center of spices in the world and have always attracted other countries with our food and spices. India is the only place where people use different types of spices and used them in different type of forms.

Our Features

Upto 20% less usage

Compared to other spices, the consumption and usage of our spices in your food will lessen your intake up to 20%.

Ultra fine grinding

Our grinding machines grind material at high speed allowing very fine even granulation with perfect texture for variety of spices. This process allows spices to get sprinkled uniformly.

Pure & unadulterated

Our spices and seasonings aren’t mingled with or diluted by extraneous matter nor do we indulge in any practices to get more out of a certain quantity of a spice by manipulating it. We provide 100% purity in our products.

No Artificial Color Added

Our spices spread evenly when sprinkled without the hassle of lump-forming, it gives garnish touch to your food. Also, it results in least wastage of spices.

24x7 Support

We are sincerely dedicated to our customers’ concerns, hence we promise solving your concerns or getting back to you round the clock. We are here to serve you.

Hygienically Packed

All spices are hygienically packaged with the help of our technically advanced packaging machine. An air-tight packing is done with caution to let it be moisture free. This keeps our spices fresh and bacteria free.

Our Products

Carefully blended and processed, aromatic and pungent, and wholesome and tantalizing range of spices! A remarkable set of spices that enhance the flavors of any and every meal!

Quality Certificates

We believe in flawless quality and unbeatably rich production

The foundation of Shalimar Spices has seen the days of bright success solely because of its unmatched loyalty of its customers; to continue with it further, the brand is equipped with certifications like ISO222000, HACCAP, HASAL, and GMP respectively. However, in order to deliver their products to a wide audience all across the globe, the company has established an enormous distribution network and is actively keeping the nose to the grindstone to beat their own selves at the own game.